High Sports is a leading bowling product distributing company based in Tokyo, Japan.

High Sports started its business as a bowling machine maintenance company and has quickly expanded its business to handle every product in the bowling business.

High Sports is known as the first Japanese company to introduce the Reactive Urethane bowling ball and the success of our original ball "Power Elite" is widely known.

With its several branches and established sales networks, High Sports has been marketing bowling products throughout Japan for more than 30 years. In addition to manufacturing bowling equipment, High Sports distributes foreign-produced bowling equipment and capital equipment.

we are involved in the following business activities:

  • Bowling center construction and renovation
  • Refurbished pin-setter sales
  • Bowling capital equipment sales
  • Bowling center supply sales
  • Bowling lane installation and resurfacing
  • Bowling equipment sales
  • Pro-shop equipment sales
  • Plastic bowling ball manufacturing
  • Bowling shoe manufacturing
  • Bowling accessories manufacturing
  • Bowling center management
  • Etc.
High Sports' bowling center
Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our company.

High Sports Co., Ltd.

Head Office:

Meguro FSD Building 7F
Meguro 2-15-14
Meguro-ku, Tokyo
TEL: +81 3 3791 6871
FAX: +81 3 3719 1918
Tokyo Head Office

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