We are looking for your unique, innovative, quality products to market in Japan!

As the second largest bowling market in the world, there are more than 1,000 bowling centers in Japan. Despite the size, however, it is quite difficult for new products to cultivate a market share in Japan due to the relationship based and conservative purchasing activities of Japanese retailers. This is where our 35 years of experience and our established sales networks come to assist you.

Since 1970, High Sports has been the fastest growing distributor of bowling products. It has built a solid reputation of SERVICE and VALUE with its customers and now does business on a steady basis with more than 800 pro-shops and bowling centers throughout Japan.

With our strong sales network, High Sports will be your best partner in cultivating a market share in the second largest bowling market.

Our international business partners include:
  • Storm Products (exclusive distributor)
  • Roto Grip (exclusive distributor)
  • Legends/Lane Masters (exclusive distributor)
  • Switch Entertainment (exclusive distributor)
  • Ebonite Vantage/Van-tech
  • Lifelong and Engineering (exclusive distributor)
  • JCP Precision Bowling
  • Turbo 2-N-1 Grip
  • Murrey International
  • Horizon Concepts
  • Master Industries
  • And others

When working with international suppliers, we always focus on building strong brand recognition for their products in the market. We understand that this is most effectively achieved by building a strong working relationship with the supplier. Once we establish brand recognition in the market, it will generate long-lasting stable business.

In order to build brand recognition, we hold numerous promotional activities. Such activities include Storm/Rotogrip Fair and High Sports Cup. This is our annual event that we cooperatively host with Storm Products and Roto Grip.

Our annual Storm/Rotogrip Fair and High Sports Cup draws 1,500 enthusiastic bowlers.
Special promotion with PBA bowlers.

If you have any products that you would like to market in Japan, please contact us. We are willing to review your products and assist you in expanding your business into the Japanese market..
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